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3 Reasons to Start Collecting Music Memorabilia

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If you're looking for a creative way of making money, then collecting music memorabilia is one way of creating an extra income or investment. When might you want to start a formal collection?

1. You Already Own Some Vintage Pieces

If you've been interested in a band or artist for a while, then you might already own some memorabilia which you can use to start a collection. For example, you might have posters, ticket stubs, albums, t-shirts and promotional items. If you've kept these pieces in good condition, then you can start to build your collection around them. You can fill in gaps in your collection or use some of the things you own as a springboard to buy different things.

For example, you could work towards owning every album in every format that a band or singer released. Or, you could branch out and buy items that have a more personal connection such as musical instruments, signed copies of albums or stage costumes. The point here is that you already have a starter collection. You'll find it easier to get going if you have something to build on.

2. You Know Your Stuff

If you're a serious fan of a band or artist, then you have an immediate advantage in the memorabilia market — you know your stuff. Your interest over the years gives you an insider view that other collectors won't have. For example, you understand the history of your favourite band or singer. You know their timeline and the major things that happened in their career. You know all about their discography, gigs and merchandising.

If you have collected their memorabilia for a while, then you also have some knowledge about pricing and value. You know which items are easy to source and which ones are rare. You might also have a readymade network of other fans with whom you can trade.

3. You Want to Create a Long-Term Investment

If the band or artist you follow have split up or if key members have died, then their memorabilia might become rarer and more valuable. A band can't reform in its original line-up if one of its members has died. So, if their time in the spotlight was short-lived but they are still popular, then their memorabilia is worth more because it has limited availability.

For example, if you collect Sex Pistols memorabilia, you know the group had a short production window. Anything you own or can source from that time is worth more because the band remains a seminal influence. However, they cannot reform in their pivotal line-up because their lead singer died.

If you collect around a seminal band or artist like this, then you can collect memorabilia from them as an investment. The larger your collection, the more value it might have in the future.

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