Shout out to the makeup artists. Makeup can be a work of art, however unnoticeable it might be. Even the actors in movies that don’t look like they’re wearing makeup, guess what, they most definitely are wearing makeup (yes even the men!)
As a makeup enthusiast (more like addict) when I came across the news that the makeup brand Urban Decay are bringing out a Pulp Fiction themed makeup line to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary…it’s safe to say I was (and still am) pretty excited, because I mean, how fabulous is Mia Wallace?! (the answer is pretty damn fabulous.)


It got me thinking about iconic movie looks and other characters who could inspire a makeup line for us to recreate their looks. Some how I managed to narrow it down to just 5, (until I realized I’d actually chosen 6)…so makeup brands, if your reading, pretty please can I have these makeup lines next?!

Challenging (2008)- Christine Collins played by Angelina Jolie-


Oh my lord. Her makeup in this film is how I’d like my makeup to look every day. It’s simple, elegant and captures the 20’s style perfectly…yet it’s still got that edge. An edge that just comes with having Angelina’s beautiful colouring and unique face, I guess.
Oh I envy her so.

Black Swan (2010)- Nina Sayers played by Natalie Portman- 


Another actress I envy so much, not only because of beauty of course, but that’s what we’re talking about here. The makeup in this film was phenomenal, natrually I see a lot of people try and re-create the ‘Black Swan’ look for Halloween, but for me it was her ‘White Swan’ makeup that stood out the most. Flawless and pure, even with her red-eyes I loved how the white face paint looked with the black eyeliner and strong contouring. To quote Nina herself, “It was perfect.” 

Death Becomes Her (1992)Madeline, Helen and Lisle played by Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn and Isabella Rossellini.

death becomes her

Ok Ok, I know the makeup in this film is a little…much (especially when they start to use spray paint…). But I love that about this film. It’s perfect for the type of characters Meryl and Goldie play, and it shows just how makeup can add to a characters personality and even a performance as a whole. I also couldn’t resist adding in Isabella’s makeup, because it is so exotic yet, classic. Once again, a reflection of her character, and yet another face I am envious of!

Blue Velvet (1986)- Dorothy Vallens played by Isabella Rossellini-

blue velvet 1

Once again I’ll admit, it’s a little full on, but I love that. Makeup is about expressing yourself, enhancing features, hiding the things you can…it’s magical. It’s art. It’s painting for your face (I do not recommend using real paint…see Death Becomes Her above) and that’s what’s so great about it. Once again, Isabella’s makeup reflects her unique personality. It also includes the color blue which is  a common theme throughout the film, so it just shows the way makeup can be used more than just to enhance a pretty face. Plus, I don’t really know many people who can pull of blue eye shadow the way that Isabella does in this film, you rock that blue eye shadow girl!

Jackie Brown (1997)- Jackie Brown played by Pam Grier-

Jackie Brown Baby

It seems not only is Tarantino able to write and cast amazing, strong, fabulous women, but he also knows what makeup artists to hire. Look. At. This. Womans. Skin. Tone. Ahhhh. It’s beautiful, and that lip colour, is bad ass. Representing of course, her equally as bad ass personality. I mean, look at that side eye she giving, Jackie Brown don’t play.

The Dark Knight (2008) The Joker played by Heath Ledger-

the joker

Last but in no way least, I couldn’t resist adding in my friend The Joker. Heath Ledger just wore this makeup so well, the way it sinks into the lines in his forehead, it’s just so…scary. It became apart of him.  Another character proving that makeup is not just for women, and it’s certainly not just for looking good. It’s also for making people look psychotic as hell, which coincidentally is exactly how I want to look on a regular basis. Rest in Peace Mr Ledger, you were a fantastic Joker.

Tell me in the comments who’s make up you love! Now excuse me while I go and watch a makeup tutorial whilst crying about not being Angelina Jolie…

PS- you can buy the amazing Urban Decay Pulp Fiction makeup here & here!


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  1. Love this post!! It’s true, you never really think about the make-up in films but it plays a huge part, whoever Pam Grier’s make-up artist is knows what they’re doing, she looks fabulous but still kinda understated! Jolie looks flawless (lil bitch) and that make-up look BELONGS to her, she wears it so well, and of course, you had to represent your main man the joker didn’t you? I love all the lines on his face, PERFECTO

    1. Thanks for the comment ya little cutie!!! Right it’s so simple yet so damn fabulous, the lip colour is like perfect for her skin tone. She does right! I swear Angie could portray any woman from any time period and she’d look like she was born in that time period herself! RIGHT, haha I know you love your face lines 😉

  2. I love this post! For me I totally loved Angelina Jolie’s makeup in Changeling and pretty much every movie she’s been in. And it’s so true that makeup artists are fantastic at what they do, especially when they nail the whole “no makeup makeup” look.

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