I think inspiration is one of the greatest gifts someone could give to you. I find myself constantly inspired, my brain constantly thinking of the next creative thing to do. Sometimes I can feel rather uninspired, and in those times I do find it quite hard to write in any real way. But thankfully, those times never last for very long.

Bed SheetsI realized a while ago that almost everything and anything inspires me, from the typical like music, books and films, even to things like shop signs, tin cans and bed sheets (yes really, but look how cute they are on the left-!) and overall, being inspired is not something I tend to struggle with. But maybe you do, and maybe your periods of being uninspired lasts longer than you’d like, so here are my tips for being inspired by everything and anything around you-

1. Take notice of EVERYTHING Book

I’ll be honest, not a very observant person, but I am trying to be. When I go for walks, I try and notice everything around me, the noises, the sights, people getting on with their day. Eventually my mind will start to wander (as it likes to do) and the next thing I know I’m thinking about writing a poem about talking animals or God knows what else. I take notice of words, the things people say to me or to others, dialogue from movies or shows that might seem insignificant but sometimes manages to cue something in my brain and inspires me. Having something to write in is really useful too, especially if you’ve got the memory of a goldfish like me, by just writing phrases or drawing a quick picture of what inspired you, it can cue the idea you had later on.

2. Let your mind WANDER 

Look at things differently. Expand on things, ask why, as what if?  Let your mind be free and just create whatever it wants, no matter how strange or weird. I get so inspired by just simply looking at photos on Tumblr or art, I remember once I saw a picture of a launderette that had lavender walls, and I eventually wrote some poetry about the ideas I got from just staring at it. Who knows, eventually you might have a masterpiece on your hands that started from something as insignificant as a launderette…

3. Use ESCAPISM Lana Del Rey

If like me, you are an escapist, you’ll probably do this already. When I listen to music I don’t just listen, I create music videos in my mind, create characters and life stories that remind me of the song, travel to places, in my mind and real life, that fit the tone and the music perfectly. When I watch movies I take my favorite character and pretend I’m them, or I think about things they would be doing after the movie, or I create extra movie scenes in my mind that I would have liked to have seen that character do. I get inspired all the time in this way, I don’t think I go a day without running off somewhere in my mind, meaning I don’t always follow the first step I mentioned because I’m too busy in my own head…oops.


Sometimes I’ll be reading a book and experience a new way of writing. I love it when it happens, it’s like a moment of realization, a moment of awe almost. In my recent poetry post, I talked about Charles Bukowski and how I never realized poetry didn’t have to rhyme or that you could swear in poetry…and ever since I’ve been non stop writing it. Or like more recently, a friend let me borrow Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange, A Clockwork Orange I just can’t get over how clever and creative it is to create a new language and use that in your writing. Even with movies, I love watching surrealist works and realizing that you can make whatever your mind wants no matter how weird (and trust me, mine is really weird.) Being open to new ideas is the key to creativity in my eyes, and reminds you that they’re are no rules to being creative, so be brave and do whatever you want even if it might not make sense to other people.



Last but not least, this is a new thing I’ve been doing. As much as I love to scribble things down during the day, I’ve discovered how great scrap booking is. Mostly it’s just a lot of fun, and really good to look at. Every time I look at the two pages I’ve recently made, I feel inspired. In a way I am being inspired by…well, my own inspiration. All of the things I put down on these pages are basically just a showcase of all the things that I’ve been inspired by in the last couple of weeks. I have movie quotes, drawings, lyrics, places, people, ideas…you name it. It’s a really fun thing to do and great to look at for those times when you might not feel so inspired.





I hope I’ve helped inspire you, now inspire me and tell me what sparks your creativity in the comments! 


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