I have a very short attention span. I currently have two unfinished movies to watch, one documentary and one book, Dracula. What’s even more annoying is the fact that, all these things I’ve not yet finished…I actually have been enjoying. I just kind of…can’t pay attention any more, so I stop because I like to give something good the attention it deserves.
Damn my short attention span!

I know I will eventually get around to finishing everything. Today, is not that day. I doubt tomorrow will be either, but one day it will be. But I’m also very impatient…and I really want to talk about Bram Stokers Dracula, even though I haven’t read it completely. So I thought about doing a little thing called a ‘Half Way Review’ which allows me to talk about the things I haven’t yet finished. Maybe we’ll see more than just this review seeing as I so often find it hard to finish things.

Let’s get on with it. Dracula is a pretty old book, and if I’m honest, I’ve never been that interested in reading it. However, I was recently at Costco and I came across a selection of ‘classic’ books with these amazing covers, and I just couldn’t resist getting one. It was a tie between both Frankenstein and Dracula, and for some reason, Dracula managed to sway me into choosing it. Written in 1897, it would be the oldest books I’d ever read that wasn’t Shakespeare or when I was forced to read Chaucer at college. So if I’m honest, I was really expecting to enjoy it as much as I have been.

Firstly, I love how it’s written. I was a little worried I might not be able to understand it since it was written so long ago, but actually it’s quite the opposite. I love how the characters write to each other and I really love the format of writing through letters. Dracula

This leads me onto the next thing I love about the book. The characters. Each one are so personable and charming, and because we get to read their journals and letters to each other we get a real close connection with the characters. Mina is my favorite character, the  way she addresses her letters to her friend Lucy, “To my dearest Lucy,” and the way she signs off, “Your ever loving Mina”  is incredibly sweet and touching. I want to start writing letters to my friend like it. The characters relationships between each other is also something incredibly endearing, they all seem to have a great about of love and respect for each other.

DraculaBut obviously not everything is all sweet and nice. This book is about vampires after all. I wouldn’t say the book has scared me so far, (although it might have if I was reading it in the 1800’s!) but it has intrigued me. It’s also so interesting to read something that started the future conventions and iconography that we recognize now as Gothic, and the name Dracula which we will forever always associate with vampires and all things related!

Now I’m off to try and finish this book! Wish me luck! Do any of you find it hard to finish things like I do?



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