I love a case of nostalgia, especially when it comes to books and movies. They were (and obviously still are) a big part of my life growing up, and even thinking of them now I get kind of emotional…

Anyway, let’s keep this intro short and sweet before I start to cry, here are my top 6 favorite childhood movies- 

6. Thir13en Ghosts (2001)- Directed by Steve Beck. 

theirteen ghosts

While I was thinking of films to include for this post, I almost burst out laughing when I remembered how much I used to love this film. I remember so clearly hiding in the next room whilst my parent’s watched this film, peeking through the crack in the door to watch it. When they did eventually let me watch it, I always found it so funny, if still in the back of my mind a little scared. I think this film really shaped my love for horror films when I was younger and was the first of many horribly bad horror films I used to love.

5. GREASE- Directed by Randal Kleiser, starring John Travolta and Oliva Newton John. 


I wont talk for long about this film because I’ve spoken about it before in my 4th of July post, but it still had to be included, because you know, Grease is the word. Still to this day, if I see Grease on TV I have to watch it. I’ll be honest, I’m no longer a fan of the cheesy dialogue and overall message of the film, but I can’t deny how much I used to adore this film when I was younger. Me and my friend from school even had a Grease karaoke night.
Plus, I used to have a huge crush on John Travolta in this film, the leather jacket, slicked back hair…okay okay, I still kinda do.

4. THE PARENT TRAP-Directed by Nancy Meyers, Starring Denis Quade, Natasha Richardson and Lindsay Lohan. 


Oh God did I adore this film when I was younger. I still have my VHS copy, and I’m not sure I ever want to get rid of it. Who knew Lindsay Lohan wasn’t actually a twin? Not me at the time. The wonders of cinema!
But seriously, I loved this film. I haven’t watched it in years, maybe I should, you know I reckon I might still like it…(plus I also had a huge crush on Denis Quade…hmm, anyone else noticing a pattern here?)

3. MRS. DOUBTFIRE- Directed by Chris Columbus, starring Robin Williams and Sally Field. 


Another movie I still have on VHS. This film is especially special to me because I used to always watch it when I slept over at my Nan and Granddad’s house. My uncles room had this huge black TV which didn’t play actual TV so I always had to choose from the selection of VHS’s and it was always a tie between Mrs. Doubtfire and Lady and The Tramp.
Mrs. Doubtfire usually always won, thanks to the hilarious Robin Williams (who I didn’t have a crush on, or at least, I don’t think I did…)

2. DROP DEAD FRED- Directed by Ate De Jong, Starring Rik Mayall, Carrie Fisher and Bridget Fonda. 


I actually get emotional thinking about this film because I just love it so much. The character of Fred played by Rik Mayall was just such a quirky, crazy but ultimately caring and loving character I just adored him. Still to this day I think he is one of the most memorable and one of my favorite characters in cinema. In a way, this film was also one of my first ‘grown up films’ that I’d ever watched, despite being promoted as a children’s film, I always remember this film scaring me at times, with the off-beat visual effects the film used and it’s elements of black comedy (which is now one of my favorite genres), emotional abuse and mental illness.  I always wanted a friend like Fred. (And yes, I did have a crush on him too.)

Rest in Peace Rick Mayall, you were a comedy genius! 

1. THE SECRET GARDEN(1993)- Directed by Agnieszka Holland, starring Kate Maberly and Dame Maggie Smith.


The number one spot on this post was almost given to The Wizard of Oz, but when I remembered The Secret Garden, that place was stolen. I can’t describe my love for this film, I really can’t. I just thought everything about it was so magical and enchanting. I loved the character of Mary Lennox and the grand house in which she lived. I dreamt about exploring the grounds and entering secret rooms in the house to find secret keys that opened secret gardens. I always felt like this film was also eerie in certain respects, the echo of Mrs. Medlock’s heels clacking down the hallway, the screams and moans of Colin from an unknown room in the house, and the strange behavior of Lord Craven who had an almost Dracula-like air about him. Incredibly touching and emotive, I still really think this is a beautiful film which always brings back great nostalgia for my childhood. And I’d still love to find my own secret garden.
(Of course I had a crush on Lord Craven too, hunchback and all.)

What were your favorite childhood films growing up? Were you more into Disney or did you watch more adult movies when you were younger? Tell me about it in the comments, “stud!”


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