Angelina_Jolie_Global_Summit_2014I believe in telling people things you love about them. Why wouldn’t you want to tell someone how lovely they are? Unfortunately for me, I don’t know many of the actors, authors and directors and artists I admire personally (one day though!) so I instead am left to quietly (or not so quietly) obsess about them to myself and friends.

Here that all changes. Lately my love for Angelina Jolie has reached boiling point, and it’s about to bubble over. So please, let me pour my heart out and tell you all that I love about my dear Angelina.

Firstly, Angelina is beyond beautiful in her own unique way. She manages to have a strange and unique beauty with striking features like her big cat like eyes and, at the same time she is able to be a classic beauty. Of course her beauty is not only why I love her so, but it does deserve to be mentioned.

Secondly, I love that Angelina never conformed to Hollywood’s typical conventions of what an actress should be. She took blockbuster roles in cinema, like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, yet still was her own person with her own ideas and style. I love that she has a crazy and slightly ‘rebellious’ past, wearing vials of blood and kissing her brother on the lips when she won her Oscar for Girl, Interrupted, among many other things. Angie has always remained shamelessly herself.

girl interutped

But Angelina has also grown throughout her career as an actress. She has matured and grown up, doing amazing and inspiring work with the UN as a goodwill ambassador and fighting for the issues she believes in like the violence against women used in wars. She has became a mother, yet still remains her unique and off-beat characteristics, but this time her ‘craziness’ is channeled into something empowering, like visiting the dangerous countries to meet the people struck by war and poverty.


Not only has Angelina continued to be one of the highest paid actresses, she has also written and directed her own film, In The Land Of Blood and Honey. The film, about the war in Bosnia, has been received well and it shows not only Angelina’s passion for film but her passion and dedication to human rights and connecting with people around the world.

When I watch Angelina in interviews or listen to her on radio shows, she is captivating. Everything she says seems well thought out, straight from her heart, and she has a way of using the words so beautifully you can’t help but want to listen to everything she says. Angelina seems humble and yet still fun and incredibly electric and intriguing, and extremely brave. Once again Angelina is inspiring, revealing her double mastectomy and in turn has encouraged and empowered many women to do the same around the world.

Angelina truly uses her fame for good and for a platform for the things she believes in. She is extremely inspiring to me and a character I am fascinated with, of course I have to watch every film and interview with her in I can.

Angelina Jolie at the UN security council
So this has been my obsessive, slightly creepy love letter to Angelina Jolie. Hey, if you can’t confess love for someone on the internet, where can you?!

Confess your love for someone in the comments, it will make me feel less creepy about this post…




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