the psychopath test

In my recent interview with myself, I asked myself what inspired my alias of ‘Psycho Cinderella.’ I mentioned that I was always drawn to psychopathic characters in books and movies like a ‘moth to a flame,’ Some of my favorite characters are ones that are, shall we say, less than savory, and it’s not that I think they are ‘good’ characters or anything, I can recognize when they are evil and cruel, but I cannot deny the fascination I have for them.

So I know you’re probably wondering why it took someone who admits she is obsessed with the fictional psychopaths of TV, film and literature, so long to read The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson. 

To be honest, I don’t know why it took me so long. I had heard about it a lot throughout the years and just never bought it or thought to read it until now. But all psychopathy aside, any book that’s described as “screamingly funny and deeply disturbing,” I need to read. With that description alone, I knew this was gonna be my kinda book. Here’s a quick review.

Other than exploring psychopathy of course. The 2011 book written by journalist Jon Ronson, officially called The Psychopath Test- A Journey Through the Madness Industry, explores the concept of psychopathy, the mental health industry, mental health professionals, the mass media and possible real life psychopaths.

I absolutely loved Jon Ronsons style of writing. Reminding me a little of my favorite journalist Louis Theroux, It was really easy to read and really easy to sink into, I was hooked straight away. Actually I think I even read the book in around four hours straight through…which is pretty impressive for someone who sometimes takes months to finish a hour and a half movie…

Obviously the subject matter was incredibly interesting to me. The fact that Jon actually interviewed and met with people who were possible psychopaths, was really intriguing to me. I’d love to interview a ‘psychopath.’

But I’m selling the book a bit short here. It was actually a very thought provoking and shocking to read about the LSD given to dangerous criminals in a mental hospital in Canada, the psychopath checklist, conspiracy theorists (you know I love them) and the danger of diagnosing someone with such a charged label.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. If you’re interested in psychopaths like me, psychology or society’s obsession with ‘the right’ amount of madness, you’ll definitely enjoy this book.

Now I’m going to read every book by Jon Ronson and watch every documentary or interview he’s been in.
I’ll see you in a couple of weeks…


(PS- I’m currently on holiday in Menorca in the Balearic Islands so expect delays of posts/comment replies! Hope you have a good week whatever your doing!)

the psychopath test 3

You can buy Jon’s amazing book here!



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