You’re about to see a lot of books. Although I’m not the biggest Stephen King fan (on account of the fact I’ve not even read all of the books I own of his yet,) I do admire and enjoy his writing. For me, Stephen King was probably the first ‘grown up’ writer I’d ever read, the horror genre being a natural choice for me.

I owe my large collection of Stephen King books to my late Uncle and my Grandmother. He was a big Stephen King fan, so once my Grandmother had realized I was also developing an interest for Stephen King, she gave me all his books (and his book marks!)

Despite the fact most of these books are old, dog eared and falling apart , I absolutely adore them. I love used books, I love the smell of them, all signs they were once well read and well loved. And it means even more because of the fact my uncle once read these very same pages.

So without further ado, here is my collection of Stephen King books, (you’d better get comfortable!)

1. Misery-

photo 5 (5) photo 4 (10)

Starting with the first King book I ever read, Misery is one of my all time favorites. A classic psychological thriller, a master of the genre, this book scared me to death and yet I could not put it down. The crazed character of Annie Wilkes has been ingrained in my mind and and will continue to inspire me with my own writing forever.

2. Insomnia- photo 3 (13)

photo 4 (12)

I don’t normally read really long books because I find it hard to pay attention. It’s my most annoying flaw. But this book has seemed to be an exception to the rule. I’ve read it at least twice, and I just think it’s amazing, unique and a great story line. Plus I have a signed addition, how cool!

3. Desperation-

Book Blog

Reading the back of Desperation, this seemed like my perfect book. But when I first read it, I just couldn’t get into it. Luckily I am a firm believer in giving books and movies a second chance, and I absolutely loved it the second time around. Depraved, violent and once again a character so psychopathic, natrually it was really hard for me not to be fascinated.

4. Just After Sunset-  

bookblog1 BookBlog

I love short stories on account of my short attention span. These are some of my favorites, I really wish to read more of King’s short stories because these we’re just so captivating. Plus, I loved at the end of the book how he included notes about each story and what inspired him to write each one/his thoughts and opinions on them.

5. IT-

photo 1 (12)

For someone who is terrified of clowns (who isn’t?!) I don’t think I’ll ever read this book, as much as I actually want to. Has anyone else mustered the courage to read this book? Is it actually as scary as I think?


photo 2 (12)

Another one I’ve never read. I don’t even know what this one’s about…oops.

7. 11.22.63-

Once again, another one I’ve never read. This is the only one I’ve actually bought myself, I saw it in a store once and decided to just impulsively buy it despite the many books of his I already own and yet have not read. I can’t resist a book.

photo 5 (7)



Once again a book of his I’ve never read, neither do I know anything about. Cover is nice though.
photo 4 (1)


I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read The Shining yet, although as we know, I have watched it…

photo 1 (10)


photo 3 (11)

Finally another one I actually have read. I found this book so interesting and useful, being a writer and someone who looks up to King. I definitely recommend this to anyone who’s interested in writing, even if your not really a Stephen King fan.


photo 4 (11)

photo 5 (6)

Another I’ve read as well, but only once (despite the fact it’s falling apart, must have been a favorite of my uncles.) I actually didn’t really like this one, even though I feel like it’s one of his most famous ones.


photo 2 (10)photo 3 (1)

Another short story collection, but I haven’t yet read it. Thought it was weird that there is only one single picture in this book, either there were others that have been ripped out or fallen out, or they just decided to add one and call it a day. Weird.


photo 3 (12)

This book saved my life. Okay, not literally, I’m exaggerating. But it did help me out. When I was doing English Literature at college, one of the topics we covered was the Gothic genre. The night before an exam, I read this book and in the exam the next day I quoted this book on more than one occasion. It worked in my favor, and I got a good mark (for once in my life,) so thanks Mr King!


photo 2 (13)

Yet another I haven’t read. One day though, I promise…

Strangely I also have The Stand and a collection of stories he wrote under the name Richard Bachman, but I can’t find either…you’ll just have to trust me that I own them.

So that was my collection of (mostly unread) Stephen King books. What’s your favorite book of his? Does anyone else hoard books they haven’t read yet continue to buy more?! Tell me in the comments! 



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