Only fools believe that the sea does not speak.

Curiouser and curiouser, I walk down the uneven steps, trying not to fall onto the skull shaped rocks. My eyes catch a glimpse of the prize at the end, the blue-green sea, calling out to me, inviting me to tea.

I stand on the rock, in awe, even at a thing I’ve seen many times before. The sea is always a sight for sore eyes. Now I sit on a smooth rock, hanging my legs off the side, frustrated my legs are not quite long enough to touch it yet. The sea edge laps against the rock, teasing me, tempting me, ‘jump in, come and swim.‘  Foaming, back and forth back and forth. It speaks. It sings.
sea3The sea tells me a thousand stories of a thousand lives. The sound of the sea could send me to sleep, a siren itself, like the legend of the mermaid. The sea could persuade you to jump to your death, to drown, a smile across your face as steals the air from your lungs and replaces it with itself.

The smell of the sea is strong. Like the collected tears from the God’s, salty like sweat, but oh so sweet at the same time. The dry wind blows salt drops into my face, onto my skin, the sea is becoming apart of me. black&white

The colors of the sea are vibrant. Almost too vibrant, too real to truly see. The yellow light from the sun, an old friend of the sea, bounces from the blue, and the sea glitters like a gift, the sea laughs.
The sea does not simply house life, and life does not simply inhabit the sea.
The sea itself is life, connected to my old friend, the moon. It’s off beat yet in time, rhythmic waves crash against the misshapen rocks, willing you to touch it like the first time even if you’ve done it a million times before.

A crab grabs against my ankle, angry, I have invaded his space among this rock. The crab is a warrior of the sea, it is his more than it will ever be mine.
The single crab has defeated me, but fails to defeat the other invaders of the sea. It is not strong enough to fight against the seas biggest enemy. Us. Plagued by rubbish, pollution and thefts that steal it’s creatures, it’s friends, it’s soul. The sea cries, the sea is mournful. Even strong creatures have their weaknesses, their vulnerability, I hope you see.

photo 4As much as I love the sea, I also fear it. Compelled, I finally push myself in, finally succumbing to it’s calls. It’s cold, a shock against my sunburned skin, but now I feel complete. I feel humble, swimming in the sea, just like a crab, I am small compared to the giant, magnificent deep blue waves, but connected, somehow important and it makes me see.

I climb out onto the rocks, thank the sea, and say my goodbyes. Until we meet again, I say.

But the ever-changing sea will always be apart of me.

photo 1 (1)


All photos taken by me, in the beautiful Balearic Island of Mallorca. 


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