photo 5 (8)

The forest has no need for barbed wire. It acts as it’s own protector, it’s own barrier.

I enter cautiously, yet full of anticipation, the forest is my holy place. Inside the forest now, I tread carefully, deeper and deeper. Everything around me glows green, and I wonder how my eyes look in this emerald light. 

The forest is a protector. Protects me from view, from the cold rain. Yet I am never well prepared for the forest, I slip in the mud, thorns graze my skin, always leaving me with a scratch or two, a mark from the forest, you never leave the same.

photo 4 (13)

The forest appears silent on the surface, yet loud, with unspoken whispers, a thousand eyes I feel that watch my every move, trees that watch my footsteps on the ground. You never leave the forest unseen or untouched.

The forest is a place of enchantment. The trees, branches twisted and pained, beg to speak. But they are bound by the forest, bound to the secrets of magic they must keep.

There are so many things that could hurt you in the forest, but rarely do. Deep in my stomach, I feel scared, if I was to fall, how long before the branches wrap around my legs and claim me as their own? Yet I don’t turn back, I walk deeper, in search of the ErlKing maybe, the King of the fairies to enchant or entrap me.

photo 1 (17)My two legs are not made for the forest, it’s clear to see. I should have wings, or all fours, so I’ll never be a perfect match here.

Finally I reach the end and leave, taking one last breath of the strange minty fresh smell, thankful and yet disappointed my adventure for today has came to an end.

I sit on a bench, looking back at the forest, in memory of someone, it’s inscription says, “Love forever,”…maybe they loved this forest too.




photo 3 (15)


All photos taken by me. 



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