Here I go again. I may not like horror films anymore but damn I’ve been talking about them a lot lately.

Horror films. Classically they’ve never been well respected in the world of cinema, and women have never been represented as particularly favorable characters, either killed of straight away, portrayed as the victim/damsel in distress that needs saving, or the bitch that deserved to be killed anyway because of some ‘sinful’ act she’s preformed like drinking or taking drugs…wow. It’s great to be a woman in a horror film.



Who loves watching movie trailers?! I do! Except when it turns out the movie wont be out for another couple of months…that’s just cruel and unusual punishment. They obviously don’t know what it’s like to obsess/anticipate about something for a long duration of time. A couple of months before The Great Gatsby came out in the UK, I was verging on hysterical every day, especially if I saw a movie poster on the side of a bus, or if someone else brought it up.

You know what, I’d like to formally apologize to anyone who came into contact with me during that tense time. But in the end, it was worth it, The Great Gatsby was a masterpiece. But before I get carried away with that, this post is not about Gatsby. It’s about trailers I’ve seen either on Youtube, the cinema or on TV that have made me really excited for the film. And I mean, isn’t that exactly a trailers job?!

photo 3 (17)

Here is just one of the shrines in my room to my obsessions. The dream, one day, is to have a whole room in a house dedicated to DVDs (oh and of course I’ll have to have a library too…), each wall dedicated to an actor or a director I love (I’m gonna need a lot of walls.)
For now however, I just have these one set of drawers, bursting at the brim, and a rather vibrant box that is serving as my overflow. You know that question, “What would you to save if your house was on fire?” I’d have to save these drawers (after my Dog of course!) by maybe chucking it out of the window. As long as the DVDs were saved, I’d be okay.

So without further ado, here is a glimpse into my pride and joy…

The_ScreamI love to scare myself. It’s a sick, masochistic thing to do I know, but clearly I’m not alone. Why else would we watch horror films, go on roller-coasters, or read urban legends in a graveyard in the middle of the night?

When I was younger and not overly obsessed with movies, I loved horror. I loved the cheap thrills that came with watching a horror film, I watched them for the shock factor, the jump scares, the messed up story lines. Since I have developed my deeper obsession with movies, I’ve learnt a lot about film and cinema along the way. It’s hard for me to watch a film now without thinking about plot holes or character stereotypes or camera shots. That type of obsession with detail can ruin a film, and it’s definitely ruined horror for me. I can predict when the jump scares are going to happen and on top of that I can see through the plot holes and guess the ending of the film nearly every time.