I had heard next to nothing about this film before I watched it. For once I was pleasantly surprised and actually glad I had not done much research before hand, I went into the film a blank slate, my mind not yet made up if I was going to like it or not (like sometimes I do if I’ve already seen what Rotten Tomatoes has given it…oops.)

The Guest is a psychological thriller (my favorite!) directed by Adam Wingard, starring Dan Stevens, Maika Monroe and others.

So let me try and summarize it…(I always find these hard!)
The Guest is basically about a family dealing with the loss of their oldest son, Caleb, who died in Afghanistan fighting in the war. David visits their house with the story that he was a friend of their sons, and wants to let them know that their son Caleb was thinking about them when he died. But David turns out not to be the perfect house guest like he first seemed…

you're nextWhen I got home from the cinema, I researched this film and realized it was directed by the same guy who recently directed the film You’re Next. I was really impressed with that film, it’s unusual to get a genuinely well made, well acted, and well written slasher film, but that film did just that. Plus I was pretty impressed with the fact there was a strong female character as the main role, which is really unusual for those types of slasher films. I’ve actually watched it twice to date. We need more slasher films like that so feminist movie lovers like me can still get their violent blood fix without having to sit through a badly made film with plot holes, misogynistic overtones and boring character stereotypes. Also it means I don’t have to kill anyone…

Anyway, this post is not about You’re Next. So lets get back to The Guest- 

Firstly the acting was great. Especially from Dan Stevens, who pulled of the cold yet charismatic role of David really well. (I’m not into the typically handsome, blonde, blue eyed types, it must have been his personality that got me….) Some parts we’re really funny actually, “If someone picks on you, just take a knife to school!” (but seriously kids don’t do this…) and I loved the weird off-beat kind of music that was played throughout the film.

Personally I didn’t think the plot was that great, It could have been better developed, but overall it was a decent enough story line. I was just more interested in David, he was completely unpredictable and everything that came out of his mouth was gold.
While I was watching the film, I wasn’t really thinking about doing a review until one of the very last scenes in a dance hall. There was this electro 80’s style music playing, and the neon disco lights were flashing past the character Anna’s face (who’s hair and makeup was so cool!) when I suddenly thought, damn, that was actually pretty good cinematography. It reminded me a little of a scene from Drive, a favorite movie of mine, without being a complete rip off of it.


Overall I thought the film was pretty great. I don’t have as much to say about it as I have done with other films, but I still thought something deserved to be written about. The character’s we’re great, unique, and there were a lot of surprises and dark humor which I enjoyed far more than I probably should. Plus, everyone knows I love a crazy, murderously handsome character. So I was bound to find something to like in this film.

Tell me what you thought of The Guest in the comments! Adam Wingard is definitely a director I will be looking out for more in the future! Plus I really want to listen to the soundtrack, and we all know I love a good soundtrack.  



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