macbethSo remember the other month I went to see Around the World in 80 Days? It really opened my eyes to the world of theater and how amazing it could be. I vowed to see more plays.
Well I stuck to my word. Thursday, I went to see a performance of Macbeth at a local theater with my friend, Eve.

Me and Eve have a love/hate relationship with Macbeth. We we’re forced to study it at college, and it was hard. Real hard. We had to learn the quotes off by heart, and Shakespearean language is not my forte. But by the end of college, I had came to love Macbeth. A strange kind of love that can only be developed when you have to give up resisting it. So off we went to see Macbeth, to reignite our masochistic relationship we once shared.

Macbeth, Created by Filter, Composed by Tom Haines, Performed by Oliver Dimsdale, Geoffrey Lumb, Poppy Miller, Victoria Moseley, Alison Reid, Paul Woodson with music by Alan Pagan, this interpretation of Macbeth was nothing like I was expecting.

Whilst me and Eve were waiting to go into the theater, we noticed a sign saying “Warning, strobe lighting is used in this performance.” I laughed and said something about it being a play where Macbeth is on molly (MDMA)…and to be honest, I was kind of right.

This play was trippy. It was like being in an English lesson whist on mushrooms, whilst listening to weird electro music, whilst looking through a kaleidoscope and spinning around (not that I’ve ever done that…) The quotes were the same, and to my knowledge, they performed every scene in the original play, yet they combined the traditional aspects of the play we all know, with something modern, experimental and minimalist.
It was literally Shakespeare on acid.

The music and lighting was fantastically brilliant. Both of them acted as almost a character in themselves, bringing a huge presence to the audience and the characters in the play. It appealed to all the senses, and even managed to be quite funny at points (my favorite clearly being where Macbeth does a line of coke…I mean, that’s genius!)

My favorite character still remains to be Lady Macbeth. An extremely subversive female character, even for today’s standards, where motherhood is still seen as a woman’s duty/obligation, so going against this and so boldly claiming that she would have, “plucked my nipple from his (her babies) boneless gums and dashed the brains out, had I so sworn as you have done to this,” Is pretty damn powerful and still shocking if you ask me. (And powerful and shocking is just how I like my women to be…)

So I was incredibly pleased with Poppy Miller, the actor playing my beloved Lady Macbeth and her powerful performance as such. She was bold and truly embodied the manic, power mad ” fiend like” Lady Macbeth, and played her downfall hauntingly well, “out damn spot!”

Overall I thought this play was fantastic and a great way of bringing Shakespeare into the modern world. It was inventive and wild, and once again has shown me the powerful platform of theater and how so many aspects of it can be used to create something incredibly unique.

Hey, you never know, maybe I’ll make a play one day!




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