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Here is just one of the shrines in my room to my obsessions. The dream, one day, is to have a whole room in a house dedicated to DVDs (oh and of course I’ll have to have a library too…), each wall dedicated to an actor or a director I love (I’m gonna need a lot of walls.)
For now however, I just have these one set of drawers, bursting at the brim, and a rather vibrant box that is serving as my overflow. You know that question, “What would you to save if your house was on fire?” I’d have to save these drawers (after my Dog of course!) by maybe chucking it out of the window. As long as the DVDs were saved, I’d be okay.

So without further ado, here is a glimpse into my pride and joy…


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Here’s the top drawer. I try and organize it in the way it makes sense to me, but probably not at all to other people. I keep my box sets in this drawer (FRIENDS and Sex and The City) and my collection of Leonardo DiCaprio DVDs. I don’t have them all yet…but one day I will, trust me. My favorite DVD cover out of this row has got to be either Black Swan or The Great Gatsby. Oh, and if you were wondering, the untitled DVD’s in this drawer are (bottom- from left to right,) A 3 disk set of The Beach, Romeo and Juliet and Titanic and J Edgar. On the top, the untitled DVD is Twilight.  Let’s not mention that again.

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This second drawer is either more organised or less organised than the first…depending on which way you look at it. I have my collection of Robert De Niro DVDs, my Quentin Tarantino collection, and then just some various DVDs which I think go together in some weird way (like Death Becomes Her, BeetleJuice and The Burbs.) My John Waters DVDs, Polyester and Female Trouble, were so hard to find! I still can’t find my favorite, Pink Flamingos, and when I have came across it, it’s really expensive or a diffrent region. So frustrating!

On the top row I have foreign language DVDs (mostly french), my ‘The Godfather DVD collection box set, and a few other various DVDs that for some reason I feel should be next to each other. I also have two really thin DVDs if you can spot them, one is Bonnie and Clyde and the other is Some People. 

So that’s it for the drawers. Moving onto this fabulous box-

photo 2 (18)


photo 1 (18)

Okay- don’t even ask why these specific DVDs are together. I have no idea. This time there was no method in my madness.

Here’s a fun fact- I really hate comedy movies. Me, Myself & Irene is one of the only comedy movies I actually like. I don’t know why.

So that’s the end of my DVD collection. I have some VHS tapes of my favorite childhood films still under my bed, and I also have a few DVDs downstairs that my parents want to watch which are The Wolf of Wall street and American Hustle. I’m itching to get them in my collection.

Hope you enjoyed seeing into my DVD collection! Show me yours!

(PS- I linked some of the unusual/hard to find DVDs I mentioned through amazon in case anyone wanted them for themselves and didn’t know what to search)




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  1. Reminds me of my wife’s collection. We have hundreds of DVD’s – even though we mostly watch them online now, we still end up buying DVD’s and Blu-ray. Not to mention the book collection, oh god…

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