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I can’t beleive October is almost over. Where has this month gone? In fact, where has this whole year gone?!

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Mostly for the reasons that 1. You get to do scary things 2. You get to dress up and look scary. And natrually I love all things scary, creepy and spooky. And I love any reason to be my true morbid self.
When I was younger my favorite outfit to wear was always some weird witch-cat hybrid, I mean, how cool is that? I am so not about this tradition of dressing up as something not even remotely scary, like in Mean Girls when Lindsay Lohan’s character turns up as an ‘Ex-wife’ and everyone is confused to why she looks so scary. Like Uh..duh?! It’s Halloween! You don’t remember the dead dressed up as a bunny!

Unfortunately the place in which I live seems to have more of a focus on kids for Halloween, and less of the whole, ‘let’s remember the dead by almost scaring ourselves to death’ thing. But I am not into anything rated PG, thanks very much, especially not on Halloween. So sadly there is nothing even remotely scary to do, accept maybe watch a lame horror film at the cinema, and as we know, I am so over those.

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I feel…good in graveyards. Is that weird?

So what do I do on Halloween? Well, for the last two years, me and my best friend Alice have made it into sort of a tradition. We plan a sort of scary sleepover, where we both dress up and spend hours (and I mean hours) doing some fabulous makeup to go with our Halloween alter egos (last year I was a 50’s house wife who wanted revenge on her unfaithful husband) and then we go out (not even to a party…just to the shops) showcase our makeup, and then come back and watch some scary things online or tell each other scary stories.

Last year we spent over four hours doing our makeup. And trust me, it was worth it. We looked pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.  It was a lot of fun, and like I said, it’s became our tradition together. But this year is going to be different. My dear friend Alice has moved away for university, and I am very, very sad. To make matters worse, she is now actually coming back for Halloween…and I won’t even be here. In my dismay for being without my Halloween celebration partner, I decided to tag along with my family for a weekend vacation. This means there will be no spending four hours doing makeup and no freaking each other out with urban legends and ghost stories…I’m not sure my family are really into that.

After our four hour makeup sesh...
After our four hour makeup sesh…

But before I get too sad, I am going to try and make Halloween still reasonably scary. I am probably going to do some makeup look involving a lot of fake blood, because how could I possibly miss out on the only night of the year where I can get away with wearing it in public?!! No, that simply will not do. I’m thinking of going for either a bloodier version of Morticia Addams (who is like my every day style icon anyway…) or Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction after she has her drug overdose (also my every day style icon…)

Me and my Alice <3
Me and my Alice ❤

So instead I will be celebrating semi-alone for Halloween. But I’ll be with Alice in spirit, maybe we could even cast a bonding spell of some sort, since the both of us are practically witches anyway. And I’ll probably need a protection spell too, I’ll probably spend all night reading all kinds of scary stuff on the internet until I am almost too scared to close my eyes…what’s more fun than that?!





What do you do for Halloween? What are some of you’re favorite Halloween movies? (Mine is Practical Magic!) What are you dressing up as?

Finally- Happy Halloween. I hope it’s a scary one. And as for me and Alice, well, perhaps we’ll have Halloween on Christmas this year…


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