TheMinions_Poster-3DaysGodSlept_Poster-644x1024Guess what?!

Someone contacted lil old me to see if I was interested in reviewing two of their short films, The Minions and The Days God Slept. Actually, it was not just someone, but an actual real life New York based writer, producer and director, Jeremiah Kipp, who’s got an impressive catalog of films to his name. It’s safe to say I was feeling pretty excited yet also slightly under pressure to write something that wasn’t just my brain spitting out words onto the page.
But hey, it still might be, you can be the judge of that.


I don’t review movies Leonardo DiCaprio has been in. I don’t talk about him on here, apart from the odd mention. This is not because I don’t like him or something, it’s actually completely the opposite. I adore Leonardo DiCaprio so much I actually find it hard to talk about him (I know I know, paging my therapist now…)

But today I am making an exception. It is the extremely talented, gorgeous and humble Leonardo DiCaprio’s 40th birthday, and instead of celebrating alone like I usually do by having a marathon of all his movies…instead I am going to rave about him (and watch his movies later…)