I’m in the mood to watch The Shining…bringing this post of mine back.


Writing about feminism scares me. I am constantly worried about saying the wrong thing, I mean, us feminists already have a bad enough rap as it is, without me going and messing things up. But,  if your passionate about something (and I really am passionate about feminism) it can’t hurt to just say what’s in your heart, so that’s what I’m going to do with this post…wish me luck.

SPOILERS AHEAD- The Shining. I’ve spoken about it recently (did I mention I could be slightly obsessive about things?) but I feel like I’m not quite done with it yet. (Soon though, I promise.)  Anyway, as I was watching The Shining for the second time with my new pair of eyes (See my last post about the documentary Room 237) I started to get some feminist ‘vibes’ from the film. And by that I don’t mean subliminal messaging telling me…

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