IMG_0965As someone who can’t draw, scrapbooking helps me to feel like I can actually create something beautiful without using a pencil. The great thing about scrapbooking, at least the way that I do it, is that you can use other peoples art or photographs or just various ‘scraps’ you can find around your house to make a unique collage or page. You don’t need to be good at drawing or have neat handwriting or fancy art tools. And that’s really what I love about scrapbooking.

Another reason I like scrapbooking so much is that it’s relaxing. It reminds me of being back at school, making collages or cutting things out and sticking them down. When I finally finish the page, I get a real sense of achievement. There are so many combinations you could choose for scrapbooking a page, it could look so different if you had just chosen a different picture, cut something out differently or stuck it down in a different place. But you didn’t, and suddenly that page is unique to you. No one will ever have a page like it.


Scrapbooking is also really interesting to see how your tastes or creativity can change over weeks or months or even years, the differences in the images you are drawn to and the style in which you lay them out.
Scrapbooking can sometimes even be a reflection of your mood, the mindset you were in, or what you were interested in at a certain time.

So where do I find the wonderful pictures and postcards for my scrapbooking? It’s all by chance really. Some pictures I took from a 2014 diary I had, filled with pictures relating to or from the city of New York. Some of the postcards I found in vintage or antique stores, all for less than 50p. I was drawn to the ones above because of the brown tones that they all shared that complemented each other. The post card with the writing on was really interesting to me because it was sent to someone in the 40’s called ‘Miss G’ (my name begins with a G) and of course, the ‘Vote For Women’ post card is self explanatory. I knew I had to have that one.

My most recent scrabooking page…

Obviously, just because you can use postcards and artwork and photographs doesn’t mean you can’t personalize the pages or use your own work. Sometimes I write words on post-it’s and stick them onto the page, or like in the one above where I wrote things on a postcard. You can honestly do whatever you like, it’s your blank page.

Sometimes I find a page just really comes together, normally when I’m feeling at my most creative. For this page I used photos from Vanity Fair and the art pullout magazine they had for whatever month it was. I decided to choose only images that were in black in white, or muted tones and I cut out the word ‘PROVOCATEUR’ from the Vanity Fair issue and stuck it over an artist’s eyes…(I can’t remember which artist! Salvador Dali possibly?!)
IMG_0968The great thing about scrabooking is, not only is it a creative release that doesn’t make you feel held back by your drawing skills (or lack off), but it can also be used to ignite creativity or inspiration. Whenever I’m feeling in a dull mindset, having writers block or just feeling creativity challenged, I look through my scrapbook to inspire me. Sometimes if I’ve made a page I really like, I stand it up somewhere in my room so I can see it every time I wake up. On the days that I do that, I swear I actually do feel more creative or at least, more inspired.

IMG_0972So yes, clearly I like scrapbooking an awful lot. But can you blame me?! I mean, don’t they look great!? (If I do say so myself…)

Oh and in case you were wondering, the scrapbook I use can be found here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my scrapbooking, and maybe I’ve inspired some of you to start making your own! Or maybe you already do scrapbook! I’d love to see some pictures in the comments…



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