A wave of nostalgia washes over me when I think about watching The Secret Garden when I was younger. The main character ‘Mary Lennox’ finds a key in a hidden room in the mansion she lives in. I always dreamed of  having a key like that, which could open something I could discover myself, something only I would know about. In this way, props in films are part of the story themselves, part of the escapism, and the magic of cinemas power to submerge you entirely in the story and the characters themselves.

I came across this premier auction site, Invaluable, which has it’s own categories for selling movie memorabilia, props and posters. They even sold Harrison Ford’s blaster from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi, a few years go!

After looking at this website for what seemed like hours, I got excited thinking about all the props from movies I’d love to own and why and realized it was actually quite hard at first to pinpoint or remember exactly the props from movies that stood out to you. However, as soon as I started going through my favorite films I realized there was usually more than one iconic prop that I would love to have as my own…

Like the type writer from The Shining, which Kubrick was said to have actually used himself. 

Or Patrick Bateman’s infamous business card…
Or maybe even the huge diamond from the movie Snatch if I was being just a little greedy…

My friend Alice said she’d like to have Jake Gyllenhaal’s sexy pinky ring from Prisoners, (if only we could buy him as some movie memorabilia too)…and talking of sexy, I’d quite like to have Ryan Gosling’s Jacket from Drive.

Or maybe one of the pink ladies jackets from Grease so that me and Alice could start our own girl gang!?

I did actually own a copy of the key chain from Kill Bill once, but the original would be very cool to have, and perhaps even the car if I was brave enough to drive it around…

And talking of being brave, I’d like to have Isabella Rossellini’s bead shirt from Death Becomes Herto you know, just lounge around the house in. 

But among all the weird, wonderful and sometimes opulent props I could own from the movies that I love, what my heart most desires comes from the film Natural Born Killers.

The snake rings Mickey and Mallory have as their wedding rings are not only really cool and exactly my style, but the vows that go along with them are just in my eyes, so romantic…

We’ll be livin’, in all the oceans now.God…before you and this river…
…and this mountain, and everything we don’t know about.
Mickey, do you take Mallory
to be your lawful wedded wife…to have and hold
and treat right until you die.
For all eternity
until you and I die,
…and die and die again…
…’til death do us part.

I suppose my love of the film and these words is what makes those kinda ugly looking rings to romantic to me. Films have the power to add significance and symbolism to the props and items they use. They remind you of the characters and even perhaps in turn, remind you of yourself or represent something you want to embody.

That is truly the magic of film. The rings themselves don’t really have the power, or the typewriter or the rusty old  key that leads to a secret garden. Where just like in real life, you put significance and memories onto items that may just be irrelevant or even trash to someone else. Instead it’s the characters, the relationship you build with them and the story that drags you in, and if it’s really special, stays with you forever afterwards. Its escapism at it’s most subtle, and having one of your most loved movie props may help you to keep a little bit of the fantasy for every day of your life.

Now if anyone would like to buy me these Marilyn Monroe earrings, that would be great…

Tell me in the comments what movie memorabilia or props you’d love to own, but don’t go stealing any of mine!


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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. Goddamn I want me that ring, and the pussy wagon too, maybe if we shared it we’d be brave enough to drive off in the sunset together? Wearing pink ladies jackets and beaded tops, that is the dream. You’re right, as soon as you start to think about it you realise just how much you want, even though it’s all pretty ‘naff’ stuff the characters give it so much value; LOVE IT!

    1. THANK YOU GIRL!! HAHAHA yes good idea, we could be like Beyonce and Lady Gaga in the telephone video when they drive it!
      then at night time we can put our Drive jackets on and be criminals hehehehe

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