So, as you’ve probably heard by now, the amazing Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won an oscar. Leo, who is one of my all time favorite actors and has been for many years, received it last night at the Academy Awards for his performance in The Revenant.


Justin Duerr was brought to my attention a few years ago when I came across the documentary he was a part of, ‘Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles’ which turned five this January.

Justin, an american artist, musician and writer began the search back in 2005, seeking to explore and find the source of these strange tiles that were popping up all over streets in the US. I became borderline obsessed with the documentary and Justin himself, and even years after I had seen it I still found myself thinking of it from time to time. 
I had Justin’s website bookmarked for a while before I got up the nerve to actually contact him about the enigmatic tiles, his artwork and other endeavors. I’d like to thank Justin for not only agreeing to answer my questions but for sharing his incredibly awe inspiring autobiographical comic book with me and his amazingly unique artwork which has connected with me and ignited something within me on a creative and spiritual level.