Lets face it, the most important aspect of creating a believable and memorable character in a film is, of course, the writing. Of course, the actor playing the character also has to actually be able to act and do the character justice, but there’s no doubt that clothes, costume, props and makeup can be essential to creating and developing the character and most importantly, immersing the audience into the film.

A while ago I wrote a blog post on the magic of makeup in film, and included some of my favourite makeup looks from a few of my favourite films. Well, here I am, back again this time with my favourite female movie ‘look’s’ regarding outfits, style and overall…fabulousness. Here are just a few that I thought express their character so well;


I absolutely loved the Netflix series on Jessica Jones despite the fact I’m not so into superheroes. Jessica Jones’ character was brilliantly flawed, dimensional, unique and most importantly…real. But seeing as we’re just talking about style and clothes here, I’d better stop myself before I go on a tangent about how great of a character she is.

Jessica Jones’ style fits her perfectly. It’s bad-ass yet super low-key, casual, effortless. She clearly does not give a f**k and yet manages to look frickin’ drop dead gorgeous. Sexy in an edgy kinda way. Plus it’s practical and realistic because she was always wearing flat boots and not ridiculously high, high heels.

On a day to day basis, this is literally how I dress/aim to dress, so I guess I’m a little biased there, but it was just refreshing to see a female superhero…hell, a female character at all, that actually had a unique, more androgynous and cool sense of style.


Now of course, with good styling, comes good makeup. Rarely do you see the two not together, hence why Jackie was also featured in my top movie makeup looks post. But damn, has Jackie got style.

A strong, bad-ass, sexy woman with charisma and humour, I feel like they styled Jackie perfectly for this film. Sexy and powerful, yet in an understated way. I mean look how she rocks that air hostess uniform?! It just screams her take-no-shit personality whilst still being super chic and cool.




Celia is just one of my favourite characters in The Help but I feel like this is truly a case of a character’s personality being expressed perfectly by her clothing. I mean, that’s what we do in real life right? We express ourselves through what we wear. And Celia is such a sweetheart; a bubbly angel who’s a little naive but has a good, pure heart. Pink is like the perfect colour for a girl like her.

And that dress she wore at the charity event…good lord. I’ll let the photo speak for itself.



When I watched this film I was completely captured by Julia Robert’s portrayal of the real life woman, Erin Brockovich. I wanted to know this woman. She is strong and brash and a take-no-shit kinda woman. What I loved about Erin and her style in this film is how shameless it is, she wears push up bras, heels, crop tops even in important meetings with people where everyone else was dressed professionally. She is authentically true to herself and what she wears is truly an extension of who she is, this fiery, passionate woman who won’t stop at anything to get what she wants, what she deserves, and what she knows is right.


Have you noticed nearly all of the female characters I’ve mentioned are in a film/tv show where the title is their name? Maybe that reflects my choices for the type of characters that stand out to me, that they’re so strong and such a driving force for the film that no other title would have been as good.

Thelma and Louise are just another examples of this. Once again, I love how stereotypical femininity isn’t being overly forced onto us as a result of the male gaze, instead, we’ve got bad-ass women in cool-ass clothing. Muscle tank tops usually worn by men. Blue jeans and cowboy hats. Chic sunglasses. These women are feminine, this movie is essentially about sisterhood and female bonds, but you sure as hell don’t need them in a dress to show that.



I was debating even mentioning this one because of Amy Adam’s horrible experience working on set during the filming of American Hustle and the fact that she got paid less than everyone else…but, Amy deserves credit for her role as Sydney in this film and in my opinion, gave the best damn performance in the film.From a style perspective, Sydney was truly killing it. I was practically drooling over the classic 70’s outfits throughout, the hair, the glamour. Everything, Sydney truly embodied the sexy 70’s look while also being a complete boss.

From a style perspective, Sydney was truly killing it. I was practically drooling over the classic 70’s outfits throughout, the hair, the glamour. Everything, Sydney truly embodied the sexy 70’s look while also being a complete boss.

I mean…can someone hook me up with her hairdresser?!

So there we have it! These are just a few of my favourite looks from a few of my favourite films. What are some of yours? Tell me in the comments below! I think I may have to do a male version of this post soon…