I rarely review TV shows on my blog because well…I don’t really watch a lot of them, and the shows I do watch are already years old. However, recently I have been watching more shows and have discovered a few gems along the way, like ABC’s ‘How To Get Away With Murder‘ staring the amazing Viola Davis who I just adore, or Netflix’s original show ‘Scream’ based on the iconic Wes Craven movies.

But there’s one show that’s really stood out from the rest, stuck with me for weeks, even months, and overall inspired me when it comes to my own aspirations for writing scripts. And that show is…

Happy Valley. 


I recently did a post on ‘film fashionistas’ in which I talked about a few of my favourite looks and styling of female characters in films…and I thought it was time to give the men in movies a little shout out. I’ve previously written a post on my favorite tattoos in films and how much they can add to the creation of a character and their personalities, and of course, clothes and how a character is styled can be incredibly essential to this too!