I recently did a post on ‘film fashionistas’ in which I talked about a few of my favourite looks and styling of female characters in films…and I thought it was time to give the men in movies a little shout out. I’ve previously written a post on my favorite tattoos in films and how much they can add to the creation of a character and their personalities, and of course, clothes and how a character is styled can be incredibly essential to this too!

1. Robert De Niro as ‘Ace’ in the movie Casino 

This amazing poster was made by Ibraheem Youssef and shows every suit worn by Robert DeNiro throughout the whole film. I mean, what film doesn’t Robet DeNiro look stylish as hell in? I can’t think of one. It’s just something about him, he manages to pull off everything with style and class. And what better to dress a flashy mob-tied gambler in than a lot of flashy suits? My personal favorite is the pink one.

2. Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in the movie American Psycho

One of my favorite films based of one of my favorite books, the character of Patrick Bateman is incredibly concerned with style and fashion; so they really had to get the styling right for his character in the film or else a huge part of his personality would have just fell flat. Luckily they managed to pull off exactly what I imagined Patrick Bateman would look like when I was reading the book; slicked back hair, immaculate tailored designer suits, stylish even down to his briefcase. The immense detail Bateman puts into deciding on his outfits perfectly adds to his completely psychotic personality and narcissim…and also his desperate need to fit in with the consumerism culture at the time. I mean, despite the murderous tendencies, you have got to admit the man looks good.

“Is that a rain coat?” “Yes it is!”

The iconic blood splattered rain jacket


3. Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Abaganle Jr in the movie Catch Me If You Can

Leonardo DiCaprio…what can I say about Leonardo DiCaprio. I mean. I remember watching this film when I was younger, when my love for DiCaprio was at it’s strongest, and just practically gagging at him whenever he was on screen. Obviously his wardrobe in this film reflects his conman lifestyle, sometimes he’s wearing a pilots uniform…because he’s pretending to be a pilot. Sometimes he’s wearing a doctors coat, because he’s pretending to be a doctor. But one thing that doesn’t change is his class and just plain gorgeousness. But I’ll stop now before I get too carried away…

4. Jake Gyllenhaal as Detective Loki in Prisoners

I’ve spoken about Jake in this film before in my post about the best tattoos in films, and I just felt it was wrong if I didn’t mention him here too. His styling in this film is very subtle and simple, yet it just works so well for his character. His clothes are slightly different from what you’d expect a detective to wear, yet don’t feel out of place. This reflects the character Jake plays because he isn’t the average detective, not that you’d know that on the surface. He takes things a little further than perhaps what he should and underneath is very different from the other detectives working around him. Less is really more for this character.
Plus he just looks so good. It hurts a little bit.

5. Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in Fight Club


Brad Pitt’s character in Fight Club is…a unique one shall we say. And his styling really reflects that, it exudes a strangeness, a confidence, an off-beat sex appeal. He does exactly what he wants in life and doesn’t follow the rules, he makes them. Even in a fluffy robe Durden looks powerful and in control. His confidence makes him almost all-powerful, and as we see unfold, he does become a God like figure to many of the characters in the film.

This was my phone lock screen at one point…


6. Samuel L Jackson as Ordell Robbie in Jackie Brown

Now I’ve mentioned the fabulous Jackie (Pam Grier) a few times in these posts, because her styling is just perfect in Jackie Brown.  But seeing as this post is about men, I felt like her co star Samuel L Jackson earned a little shout out. His clothes in Jackie Brown are not something you’d expect a notorious gun runner to wear…but that’s what makes it so perfect. He wears whatever the hell he wants, because he’s a notorious gun runner and I mean, no one’s gonna tell him he can’t. I love the laid back, open shirt, almost Hawaiian feel to his outfits he’s got going on. A contrast to his violent nature.

So that’s a few of my best styled men in the movies! Who are your favorites? Tell me in the comments below!

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