As I mentioned in yesterday’s book review, I’ve finally broken my reading drought and am now practically devouring any book I can get my hands on. Spurred on by how much I enjoyed Lie With Me, I decided to see what other short psychological thrillers I could download and read within a day.

I came across a book called Behind Closed Doors, written by B.A. Paris, and was intrigued by the title as I have written a short story called exactly the same thing…though the plots are vastly different.

Behind Closed Doors was at first confusing to me. Although written in my favorite style of 1st person narrative, and with different chapters switching between past and present, I found the narrative voice a little hard to follow and at times a little too…wordy.

We become acquainted with the character of Grace and her husband Jack, and what appears to be their perfect marriage inside of their perfect home with their perfect friends. But as we all know, perfection does not come without some darker elements, and this book has plenty of them.

Without giving too much away, I thought Behind Closed Doors was overall a quick, decent thriller to read on a hot summer’s day like today (it’s 30 degrees in England, I can’t cope!) but compared to Lie With Me, it fell a little short on the actual narrative and writing aspect. I found the character of Jack a little hard to believe, his plans for Grace and subsequently her sister Millie seemed far fetched and a little confusing. Despite some attempts to give us a back story on what has lead Jack to become the rather psychopathic man he is today, I felt it was all a little unbelievable.

The characters of Grace, Millie (who has downs syndrome) and her new friend Ester were nicely written. I enjoyed the direction the author took with writing the characters and felt these in particular seemed believable and I actually rooted for them rather than being unaffected about what might happen. The impossible situation Grace had found herself in being married to Jack was overall a great idea for a thriller; it was claustrophobic and unsettling and constantly had me wondering how Grace was going to get herself out of it, but overall, the book as a whole didn’t quite make up to the amazing standard of the psychological thrillers on the market today.

Psycho Cinderella’s rating for Behind Closed Doors- 2.5/5

Have you read Behind Closed Doors? What did you think of it? What’s been your favourite book you’ve read so far this summer? Let me know in the comments!


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