I’ve been MIA for a while on this blog, but now I’m back and with a new type of post to try out. Unsolved mysteries, murders and other true crime related stories have always been a huge interest of mine, so I decided why not start a series on my blog discussing and researching a few of the cases I find most interesting. Let me know in the comments if this series is something you’d be interested in seeing more of from me!

Murder is thankfully not something most of us have ever experienced. When someone is murdered, not only do their family and loved ones have to deal with the grief of their sudden and most likely brutal death, but in unsolved cases, they have the double tragedy of never finding justice. When you are younger, you believe that if someone does something bad, the police will find out about it and that person will suffer the consequences. And in today’s society where everything is documented online, monitored through CCTV, and traceable using advancements in DNA technology, it’s hard to believe that someone could actually get away with murder.  But it happens, and more often than not, these cases are left to go cold for years to come. Here are just a few recent murder cases that are still, sadly, unsolved —

  1. MELLISA MASON AND NICHOLE GLASS  – Roommates found strangled to death in December 2010.


Mellisa and Nichole Glass

Mellisa and Nichole were both twenty-seven years old, sharing an apartment in Phoenix, Arizona when they were strangled to death on the 3rd of December, 2010. The two women met years earlier, working as bartenders downtown. Nichole was enrolled at the University of Phoenix where she was studying for a degree in communications, and Mellisa was working as a dental hygienist, excited for Christmas as she planned to tell her mother of her pregnancy. Both girls were happy, intelligent, and free to live their lives as they wished.

After failing to reach them, a mutual friend took a trip over to the girl’s house and made the horrific discovery of their bodies, and called the police. Detectives found both women dead from strangulation, but no signs of forced entry or a struggle from either Mellisa or Nichole and declined to comment if anything had been stolen from the house. The door had apparently been locked by the killer on their way out. A few people have been questioned, including the father of Mellisa’s unborn child, and Nicholes boyfriend, but neither has been arrested or confirmed as suspects for the case. For now, the case is left cold. Unanswered. The grieving mothers, who hold a candlelight vigil on the date of their daughter’s murders every year, are unsurprisingly no longer able to find any joy in Christmas, instead they “just pray to God that one day we’ll see justice.”

What’s eerie to me about this case is the fact that there were no signs of a struggle, no signs of a break-in. This points to theories that the women may have known their killer, and therefore willingly let them into the house. The fact that the killer was able to kill both women through strangulation without a struggle, and then calmly lock the door behind as they left is haunting. For what reason did the killer want these two women dead, and how has his/her identity gone unknown for so long?

If you have any information on the murders of Mellisa and Nichole, you can contact Silentwitness.org on their website.

2.  JILL-LYN EUTO – Eighteen-year-old girl found stabbed to death in her apartment in 2001. 


Jill-Lyn Euto

Jill-Lyn was a young, pretty eighteen-year-old girl living in Syracuse, NY.  Caring and hardworking, she was studying to be a paramedic whilst working at a clothing store in a local shopping centre. Independent at such a young age, she thrived living on her own but planned to watch the Super Bowl with her mother and sister on the night she was killed.

When Jill-Lyn failed to turn up at her mother’s house, or answer her phone, her mother Joanne went to her apartment and had the horrific discovery of finding her daughter’s dead body. Jill-Lyn was not just killed but brutally murdered; her throat had been cut and she had been stabbed multiple times. Despite the brutal and violent nature of the murder, there have been no arrests, no suspects, and no witnesses. No one to explain what happened to Jill-Lyn, why she was murdered so brutally, and how her murderer got into her apartment. The only information we have leads us to more questions – no locks were broken, no money or items were stolen from Jill-Lyn’s apartment, and according to investigators, the murder most likely took place between noon and 3 pm.

How did a brutal murder go unnoticed? And how is a violent criminal been able to get away with the murder of an innocent girl for so long? The seemingly random, anonymous nature of this violence is what truly makes this case chilling.
“It’s not right,” said Jill-Lyn’s Uncle Steve, “Someone took her life, and that person shouldn’t be out there to take someone else’s life.”

Anyone with information regarding Jill-Lyn Euto’s case can contact police through their email – coldcasesquad@syracusepolice.org.

3. LAVENDER DOE – An unidentified woman found severely burnt in Texas, 2009. 

Construction of what Lavender Doe might have looked like before she died

This final case is perhaps the most haunting because not only has the murderer remained unknown, the murdered woman’s identity has also remained a mystery. The woman, named Lavender by police, was found lying face down after being severely burnt. She was at first assumed to be around thirteen years of age, but later investigation decided she was most likely around the ages of seventeen to twenty-five.

Semen was found on forensic examination, suggesting that Lavender may have been raped before her murder, and a gasoline can found near the scene helped detectives declare that her death was indeed a homicide. Many reconstructions of what Lavender might have looked like have been made public in attempts to identify her, but no one has come forward to claim her as family, friends, or even acquaintances.

What I find most uneasy about cases where neither victim or murderer is identified or found is it makes me wonder how many other people might be out there today, living unnoticed and in shadows, with no one to even claim them when they’re found dead, on the side of a road.

If you recognise Lavender Doe or have any information regarding her death, you can find contact information on this website. 


Thanks for reading and please comment below if more True Crime posts are something you want to see from me!



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