Hello, it’s been a while. But I’m just in time for Halloween.

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Halloween; a time where I usually spend hours applying the bloodiest makeup imaginable, then hitting the local shops with my friend Alice to showcase our masterpieces. Usually I don’t even dress up as a specific person or idea, instead I tend to create my own character, with names, backstories and everything…but that’s a writer for you, I guess.


I had been hearing about the French film, Irreversible, for a long time. I had seen it mentioned various times on disturbing movie lists and videos, and only recently did I decide I was finally ready to watch it.
But I don’t think anyone can ever be ready for such a film as this.

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(Possible Spoilers)

I re-read one of my favorite books recently, The Color Purple by Alice Walker, and forgot how much I loved it.  A book about women, oppression, racism, sexism, God, religion and probably most importantly, love- it’s one of those rare books that are an experience, teaching you and staying with you throughout your life.


I haven’t written anything in a while on here and I have to say I’ve really missed it. To be honest, most of that has been down to the very fact I haven’t read or watched anything good enough (or bad enough) to really write about. Luckily this film has finally sparked some creativity in me.

Nymphomaniac. Isn’t that a great word? Traditionally nymphomaniacs would have been women with deviant and unrestrained sexual behaviour.  The word isn’t used as much anymore, ‘Hypersexuality’ or simply ‘Sex Addiction’ are the preferred medical terms. But I’ll come back to the choice of the word Nymphomaniac later…