I’ve been MIA for a while on this blog, but now I’m back and with a new type of post to try out. Unsolved mysteries, murders and other true crime related stories have always been a huge interest of mine, so I decided why not start a series on my blog discussing and researching a few of the cases I find most interesting. Let me know in the comments if this series is something you’d be interested in seeing more of from me!


I’ve never been much for typical romance. I’ve never seen Dear John, or The Notebook, and I giant teddy bears creep me out. But with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m done denying that I’m not a romantic…I’m just not romantic in the ways that perhaps others are. When thinking of the films to pick for this list I was tempted to include Natural Born Killers…you know, the film about the serial killing couple banned in some countries. The scene where they perform their own wedding ceremony on the bridge is so beautifully romantic to me – but don’t recommend me a therapist just yet – as I’ve actually managed to find five romantic dramas that I actually do enjoy, and these have a lot less murder.

I recently did a post on ‘film fashionistas’ in which I talked about a few of my favourite looks and styling of female characters in films…and I thought it was time to give the men in movies a little shout out. I’ve previously written a post on my favorite tattoos in films and how much they can add to the creation of a character and their personalities, and of course, clothes and how a character is styled can be incredibly essential to this too!

Lets face it, the most important aspect of creating a believable and memorable character in a film is, of course, the writing. Of course, the actor playing the character also has to actually be able to act and do the character justice, but there’s no doubt that clothes, costume, props and makeup can be essential to creating and developing the character and most importantly, immersing the audience into the film.

A wave of nostalgia washes over me when I think about watching The Secret Garden when I was younger. The main character ‘Mary Lennox’ finds a key in a hidden room in the mansion she lives in. I always dreamed of  having a key like that, which could open something I could discover myself, something only I would know about. In this way, props in films are part of the story themselves, part of the escapism, and the magic of cinemas power to submerge you entirely in the story and the characters themselves.